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I Am Your Number 2

Hello, my name is Katherine Bercasio - aka Irene (for short). I'm a Filipina American lesbian residing in the Los Angeles, California, USA. 

I'm a writer of poetry, short stories, and an artist. 

Maraming Salamat / Thank You Very Much! for your support and taking the time to read my writing.

As I start this, I will forget momentarily that I used to be a respectable academic professional. So here I am leading a double life: One that my parents would want me to become and another that is my sanctum – a private life where I am free from intrusion, unsolicited advice and judgment by other people, in other words, an escape and a realization of the real me.

During incubation, countless ideas came into my mind. A montage of words and stories egging to be written and showcased came pouring in.

I will not pretend to be a writer with editorial integrity. I was never like that. I’ve been in the industry for over a decade and my task has always been about visuals. I have given up writing long ago when I figured out that the visual aspect is more fun and relatively easier way from which to earn a living. I will not even pretend that I am an expert in figuring out what will compete head-on with the other bloggers.


Let them have all the credit.

I don’t aim to be number one. I will be satisfied with being the number two, like the hot number you always run to whenever “number one” gets too boring.

I won’t even pretend that this is a complete ‘all-you-need-to-read’ blog. I will not waste your precious time with pages containing preaches on how to live your life. The hell I care.

Like all Number 2s, I will provide you with your most basic needs, no sugarcoating, no trimmings. 

I will, as simple and plainly as I could, give you what i can: ways to let go of your imagination, realities and rants. And that’s what I will serve– generously. 
This is your alternative read, something that will be a best friend…

So here goes my first official shot at being a writer and vocalist of words.  

My bragging rights: I do this for fun. This is my passion and my fun... like life should be. 

Enjoy the ride. Enjoy the moments. And I hope you enjoy my thoughts as I share them with the world.

Much Mahal,


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You are welcome to keep coming back here to see new content. However, a better option is to contact me to share my words in person at your special event with your close friends and family.